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Have Us to Conduct Video Sewer Inspection Services in St. John’s

Turn to Bishop's Plumbing & Heating (1998) Inc. for video sewer inspection services in St. John’s. We have the essential tools and equipment to undertake thorough video sewer inspection services. You can count on us to help you determine blockages in your plumbing system. Regular video inspections also help in avoiding future plumbing mishaps.

Non-destructive and Non-invasive Inspections

We have equipment of different sizes to accommodate any drain size and unclog them. Our waterproof plumbing cameras let technicians inspect underground pipes that include under cement and home foundations. These high-tech cameras are flexible and travel through twists and turns in the sewer lines transmitting real-time video footage to the technician. 

Our experienced technicians review these real-time footages and assess the condition inside your sewer and drain lines immediately. You can see the problems on the monitor and the footage is saved for future reference. 

For video inspections of sewer lines, contact our specialists today.

Reliable Plumbing and Heating Services

We provide hot water heater, boiler, and radiant heating system installation and maintenance services.

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