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Get 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction on Our Plumbing and Heating Services

Serving St. John’s and surrounding areas for over five decades now, Bishop's Plumbing & Heating (1998) Inc. has been the ideal choice of home and business owners for affordable emergency plumbing and heating services. Count on us for 24/7 emergency services. Find out our checklist below to see why we are a Newfoundland staple when it comes to making the best decision for your specific plumbing and heating problems.

Seasonal Plumbing Checklist

Our seasonal plumbing checklist includes:

Visual inspection of all exposed plumbing pipes (in basement ceiling and under sinks) and hoses (dishwasher and washing machine) for any leaks
Check to see if the toilets are working properly
Check for inlet hose leaks
Draining of few gallons of water from hot water tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions
Check of main shut-off valve and shut-off valves for every faucet and toilet
Operate each valve to ensure easy opening and closing of the valves

If you face any problem during these inspections, please contact our professionals for assistance.

What Makes Us Different?

When you rely on us to solve your plumbing or heating issues, you can expect nothing but only quality services that include:

100% guaranteed satisfaction
24/7 emergency work
Professional employees
Free estimates
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