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Turn to Us for Pipe Thawing Services in St. John’s

Does your area face harsh winter conditions? If you do live in such an area, then you will very well know the problems with a frozen pipe. Bishop's Plumbing & Heating (1998) Inc. offers pipe thawing services in St. John’s to repair your busted pipes and provide a continuous flow of water. 

When the temperature falls below the freezing point, it solidifies the water in the pipes which causes it to expand. As a result of this expansion, the pipe bursts which means there will be no water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Such a situation needs immediate attention and you can rely on us for speedy 24/7 pipe thawing services. 

With us, you don’t have to suffer a winter’s day without running water or run the risk of bursting pipes. We have the experience to help you prepare in advance for a frozen pipe which will save you lots of money. Call us for pipe thawing services throughout St. John’s and surrounding areas.

Need Help to Unclog Your Pipes?

Hire us to visually inspect your sewer lines and unclog them.

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