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Call Us for Water Heater Installation Services in St. John’s

Are you looking for a reliable company for your next hot water heater project? Trust Bishop's Plumbing & Heating (1998) Inc. for quality water heater installation services in St. John’s. We are a locally owned and operated business with more than half a century of experience in professional plumbing and heating services.

We’re the trusted source of hot water heater installation, maintenance and replacement services in St. John’s and surrounding areas. We have the knowledge and the experience to cover residential, commercial and industrial projects. We offer standard hot water heaters and stainless steel lifetime options. 

Hot Water Heater Finance Plans

As a member of the Newfoundland Power’s Electrical Services Financing Plans, we can help you finance your hot water heater upgrade or replacement using the PowerSmart program. You can contact our team to get more information on our financing options.

Turn to the specialists for hassle-free hot water heater installation, upgrade, and replacement services.

Why Suffer the Winter with Bursting Pipes?

We can help you prevent your pipes from bursting in the harsh winter days.

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